iceland northern lights tour

Iceland is known for scenic landscapes, gigantic glaciers, and lava fields. Also, the national parks in the country have so much to offer to the tourists. The Iceland northern lights tour is the best investment Singaporeans can do for an adventurous tour. The tour is designed in a way that you get to experience the most beautiful side of Iceland, which is yet not known to many. You get to explore the secret wilderness and beauty of the country. Visiting Iceland for holidays could really be once in a lifetime experience for you. The iceland northern lights tour is a comprehensive tour that lets you explore all the dimensions of the country.

The beginning 

The tour package starts with the departure from Singapore to the capital city of Iceland-Reykjavik. As the tour is named Iceland northern lights tour do it has to start with witnessing Northern lights of the Island. The best thing about this tour is its flexibility. It was always has a reserve day for everything which has been planned to do on tour.  The travel company also expects tourists to not be in a hurry. Like in this case of witnessing Northern lights, if the weather is unfavorable on the day, the management starts to plan for the next day.

iceland northern lights tour

A visit to The Pearl

In the second leg of the tour, you get to experience the mesmerizing beauty of Perlan, also known as The Pearl. The pearl is a beautiful dome-shaped building, made from crude glass. The structure of the building is the center of attraction. The top of the building is supported by six gigantic water tanks. On the same day, you also get to visit The Hafoi House, which has a history of its own. It would be better if explore the history of it by visiting.

The leisure time

Even if you are an organized person, want everything to be organized and well structured. Still, you would like to be your own. Even, some individuals don’t like package tours just because they don’t get time to be on their own. The travel company is very well aware of this fact. That’s why they have kept a full day for leisure. The travelers get to be on their own; they get to conduct themselves on tour the way they like. They could go shopping; they could go for sightseeing in the city. All the options remain open for them.

On the last leg of the tour, you embark on Iceland’s classical sightseeing tour. You get to experience one of the most spectacular scenic landscapes of the world, along with historic architectures.