Are you a traveler? Who loves to go to different places, eat local foods and meet other people.  This world has a lot of many beautiful sceneries and places to explore. Some people travel to one place how many times, for it is meaningful to them.  If you’re looking for an interesting place to visit you can go to Echo Lake New Hampshire.

Echo Lake State Park is a great place located in North Conway, New Hampshire. That has 15.7 acres of Echo Lake and two rock ledges. With scenic views such as Horse Ledge and Cathedral Ledge State Park. Views of the Saco River Valley can be seen as well. Whether hiking, swimming, climbing, rowing, or picnicking. Echo Lake State Park can give you an all-around experience.

Echo Lake State Park is surrounded by forested hills and sheer cliffs. Shopping, Dining, and entertainment are available in the near community of North Conway. Yet the real draw in the Echo Lake area is the natural attractions. A combination of recreational opportunities provided by state parkland and the lake itself.

Here are some things to do in Echo Lake State Park:

  1. Swimming and Picnicking- beach from Echo Lake State Park is open for swimming in summer. The water is cool and crystal clear. Upon arrival, you can check for the lifeguard hours. Barbecue grills and picnic tables are dispersed underneath a grove of pine. Providing a perfect spot for a lakeside picnic. Nearby can be found restrooms and enough parking. If you have children, there is a playground they can pass by. A short walk from the beach.
  1. Boating and Fishing- Quiet, small, and shielded from strong winds. The hills neighboring that protects. Echo Lake State Park is ideal for kayaking and canoeing. It has a small car-top boat and put-in for canoes. The lake is rich in fishing. Both by boat and from the shore. Echo lake provides fishermen with humble catches of bass, panfish, and trout.
  1. Hiking and Climbing- Echo Lake has a 1-mile hiking trail. The trail has an excellent view of the rocky cliffs. That appears over the lake. Two more trails take hikers to the top for a more striking view. That can see the Saco River Valley. White Horse Ledge and Cathedral Ledge are the two main cliffs. These are some of the popular rock-climbing destinations. If you’re an experienced climber and wanted to experience a thrill you can try the bare rock face. Available both by road and by trail is the top of the 700-foot Cathedral Ledge.

For non-climbers, a modest up-hill hike leads to eye-catching viewpoints from above. Both ledges were acquired in 1899 and 1900 by visitors and residents. If you’re searching for a park that offers more than trees and plants, Echo Late State park is the best solution. For those who are not afraid of heights, a trail to White Horse Ledge and Cathedral must try. It also allows you to practice your skills in climbing.

Come, visit and enjoy Echo Lake State Park.